Winter 2017 Photography Classes

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Coffee & Critiques — FREE!

Photoworks Staff

Nov 27, Dec 11, Jan 22, Fe 19, Mar 12, 10am–12pm, Photoworks Studio

Join us for a photo jam session to view and discuss your images over coffee and bagels. Led by a Photoworks instructor. Minimum age 15.


Advanced Master Darkroom Printing — $375

Frank Herrera

Tu, Jan 3-Mar 28; No class Feb 14, Mar 14; 7-11pm

Work with a master printer to complete a portfolio or make one of a kind prints using different papers, developers and toners to express your unique vision.

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Portraits, Available Light & Otherwise — $325

Tom Wolff

Sa, Jan 14-Feb 11, 1:30-4:30pm

This five week course will be a hands-on foray into portrait photography. Discussions include composition, symbolism, simple lighting techniques, Photoshop, color black and white. There will be readings, YouTube videos, and critiques. The class is for advanced photo students.

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Master Class with Dr. Flash — $300

Frank Van Riper

Th, Dec 1-15, 7-10pm

Lighting master Frank Van Riper helps you conquer small flash units and studio strobes. Students will learn still life, tabletop, and portraiture techniques in step-by-step demonstrations and individual exercised with professional flash gear, provided by the instructor.


Oil Printing Photographs — $200

Mac Cosgrove Davies

Th, Jan 5-26, 7-10pm

Learn to print your photos with the historic oil printing process using materials and techniques from a century ago. This beautiful process produces unique prints of depth, subtlety, and presence unlike any other.


Darkroom Alchemy: The Zone System and Beyond — $350

Scott Davis

M, Jan 9-Mar 13, No class Jan 16 & Feb 20, 6:30-9:30pm

From Alternative chemistry to the Zone System, elevate your darkroom craft to the next level. Step away from Dektol and d-76 to explore advanced techniques in exposure, development and printing. Ideal for the photographer looking to fine tune their craft.

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Explore the Black & White Darkroom — $325

Karen Keating

W, Jan 11-Feb 15, 7-10pm

Open to basic and intermediate students. This course covers 35mm and medium format film, developing, and printing. Weekly assignments, shooting in the Park and a set of final images. Bring your SLR camera to the first class.

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Finding Your Voice — $300

Na’ama Lewin

Th, Jan 26-Mar 2, 6-8pm

Discover your photographic style. Through a series of weekly photo assignments and group critiques learn to express your own photographic voice. Expand your creative skills and gain confidence in your own personal vision. This course is for intermediate students – shooting with film or digital—who are ready to work hard and photograph regularly to get the most out of this small focused seminar.

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Digital Skills Classes

Digital Camera Basics — $239

Eliot Cohen

W, Feb 8-22, 9:30am-12pm

This is a beginning class to help students learn the functions you should control — ISO, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, exposure modes, white balance, resolution and other camera functions. Control the camera yourself in the very first session, no auto. Suitable for SLR and compact cameras.

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Lightroom Advanced — $350

Importing and the Develop Module

Alan Sislen

Th, Jan 5-26, 7-10pm

This class is for current Lightroom users who would like to greatly improve their Lightroom image editing and image optimization skills. Many tips and tricks will be shared and participants will work on their own images during the class.

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Low Light Photography — $225

Page Carr

Su, Nov 13-20, 1-4pm

Learn to use ISO and Time Values to solve practical problems and explore the creative possibilities of photography in dim light, indoors or at night. Illustrated notes will be included.


Basic Digital Photography — $425

Gayle Rothschild

M, Nov 14-Jan 16, No Class Dec 26, Jan 2, 7-9:30pm

Master the settings and functions of your digital camera. Topics include exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, white balance, lenses, file formats, imaging software, light and composition. Experiment with effects of camera settings to competently and creatively control every situation. Study the work of contemporary and master photographers. Weekly critiques.


Short Course: Introduction to Lightroom — $225

Page Carr

Sa, Dec 3-10,10am-1pm

Learn to use this professional yet affordable Adobe software to organize and adjust your digital images. Students should bring a number of their existing image files on a portable USB hard drive.

Fine Black & White & Color Digital Printing Using Photoshop & Lightroom — $325

Richard Batch

Tu, Jan 10-Feb 28, 7-9:30pm

Produce a great digital print with either or both programs working together. Explore calibrating your monitor, choosing paper, choosing a printer. Overview of both programs and techniques to make your prints museum quality. We’ll print in class; class includes instructional handouts.

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Make a Good Photo Great in Photoshop Elements — $325

Richard Batch

Tu, Jan 10-Feb 28, 9:30am-12pm,

Take control of how your photos look. Learn the basics of Photoshop’s inexpensive Elements editing program. Plus – advanced tips to really help you perfect your images. Whether you print your photos or share them electronically, you can make them look great using Elements.Class includes instructional handouts.

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Digital Camera Controls (Intermediate) — $300

Page Carr

Su, Jan 15-29, 1-4pm

Learn to make the most of the exposure controls on any adjustable digital camera. This intermediate course is idea for those who have been shooting only in Auto mode and are ready to learn more.

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Picturing Family (Photos without Poses) — $300

Page Carr

Sa Feb 4-18, 10am-1pm

Learn to photograph your loved ones in natural and available light without posing them! Approaches to family events, fast moving children, even pets. Ideal for those who have not been satisfied with the photos they have been getting. Any digital camera. Illustrated notes will be included.

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Young People’s Classes

Digital Intermediate Portraits for Teens (Ages 13-8) — $350

Gayle Rothschild

Tu, Dec 6-Jan 17, No Class Dec 27, 4-6pm

Learn to creatively photograph your friends and family: at school, home, sporting events, for yearbook, selfies and more. Topics include mastering and utilizing camera functions to create a series of portraits: light, composition, flash. Study the work of portrait photographers and have weekly assignments.

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Photo Books for Teens (Ages 12-18) — $360

Emily Whiting

W, Jan 11–Mar 1, 4-6pm

Create a coffee table book of original photographs that tell your story. Students will identify a theme, shoot and edit a collection of photographs, and lay out a photo book in this course. Digital and darkroom techniques will be covered. Material cost includes production of a photo book printed by Apple.



Mat Cutting Basics Workshop — $95

Karen Keating

Sa, Dec 3, 9:30am-12pm

Learn to cut 4-ply window, multiple opening mats. Students will practice then cut a mat for their own 2-D art piece. Standard size mat boards will be provided (8×10,11×14, 16×20). Equipment, materials, archival procedures will be covered. This is a “hands on” workshop. Bring 2 pieces of flat art. Supply fee of $25 paid to instructor at class.

The Digital Beyond Workshop — $175

Sue Bloom

Su, Jan 8 10am-4pm,

A hands-on workshop learning how to transfer photo images on to a variety of substrates. Learn about exciting new possibilities for your imagery, working with wood, bamboo, stone paper, tiles and more. Artist, photographer, author and educator, Susan Bloom brings creative passion to her workshop. Some Photoshop skills are recommended. $25 supply fee paid at first class mtg.

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The Digital Collage Workshop — $175

Sue Bloom

Su, Dec. 4, 10am-4pm

Learn how to impart additional content and meaning to your photographic work via collage and layering techniques.  Scanning know-how will be covered.  Some Photoshop skills recommended.

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East Wing Field Trip Workshop — $150

Frank Van Riper

Su, Dec 11, 10am-4pm, Off Site

Rain or shine, endless opportunities for shooting – people, architecture, abstracts – all in wonderful light. Handheld photography permitted virtually everywhere. Lunch at gallery cafe for ongoing critique and discussion. A great and creative way to spend a Sunday!

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Restoring Your Old Photographs Workshop — $50

Sue Bloom

Sa, Jan 28, 10am-2pm

Learn how to bring back to life those cherished heirloom photos. Using Photoshop, you will learn the techniques needed to restore those photos to their former beauty, creating a file that can produce a beautiful, archival print. You may bring a digital file or bring the original image for scanning.

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