Student Photography Class in MarylandEducation

For many of us, the passion for photography was ignited in childhood, with the discovery that the real world could be made to stand still and its image be recorded on a piece of photo paper emerging magically from a chemical bath—or as it can today appearing instantly on a digital screen. The tools may have changed over the years, but the passion is the same: to see and record the world. It is our happy mission to help others ignite that passion in themselves and to explore that vision by providing educational programs for photographers at all levels, from the beginning student to the working professional.

Adult (Entry, Intermediate, Advanced levels)
Adult classes at Photoworks are for students 18 or older and they are divided into entry, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Most classes are labeled in the Photoworks brochure and on the website.  Entry level means a student learning the mechanics of the camera (digital or film) or a new digital program.  An entry level class also may be a history class or an intro to an alternative process.  Classes listed as intermediate assume a basic set of camera skills and shooting experience and the new focus will be on content and project development.  Intermediate digital skill classes are indicated in the title or description.  Advanced students are expected to pursue their visual idea in depth and are challenged to work towards a cohesive, personal body of images.  Critique skills are practiced.  Specific course questions should be directed to the instructor.

Digital Skill Classes
Digital skill classes progress from basic camera skills, to shooting outside auto mode, to workflow content in Photoshop or Elements classes, Lightroom, and fine art printing.

Youth Classes
The youth program is year round with the summer program giving a breadth of experiences.  Basic darkroom and digital classes are the entry level covering the camera, exposure control, shooting and capture experience.  Thereafter the classes are content driven to include portraiture, street shooting, storytelling, plastic lens cameras and creative darkroom techniques.

Primarily workshops are one session week end classes several hours long and very specific in content.  Generally the workshops are entry or intermediate level.  Often a one-day workshop acts as an introduction to a longer class.

Master Classes “One on One”
Specific instructors will offer a class for students in a one on one environment with the dates, times and focus to be mutually determined.  These classes are three or four sessions, twelve hours total for $450.  The instructor and student together determine the focus of the class.

Off-Site Classes
These classes are taught by Photoworks instructors off-site, most often at public schools after school day hours.  The off-site class is most often initiated by a school program.

In-House Workshops
These classes are initiated by an off-site organization for a specific learning experience…i.e by a scout group, Charter School, seniors.  The content of the class is mutually determined by the organization and Photoworks instructors.