Photo Slam 2015 Award Winners Exhibit

The Photo Slam 2015 Award Winners Exhibition showcases the work of the winners of the Photoworks 2015 Photo Slam.  At this event, photographers submit work in hopes of winning an exhibition in the Photoworks Gallery.  It is a fun filled evening.  The 2016 Photo slam is Sunday, November 13,  don’t miss it!

The 2015 Photo Slam winners are:

Marisa White, 1st place 

Sonia Suter, 2nd place  

Dennis O’Keefe, 3rd place
Jean-Pierre Ple audience choice award
Show: November 11- December 11, 2016
Reception: Friday November 11, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where the World Bleeds White, by Marisa White

Where the World Bleeds White, by Marisa White

More About Marisa White:

I share my own narrative through my art, inspired by happenings, lyrics and emotions, often creating settings touched with nuances of surrealism. Like with any memory, recalling it exactly as it happened is nearly impossible. And when age and the ticking clock take over, memories soften and curl around the edges. So I hope to pause specific moments in time, as I see them, no matter how mundane or fantastical. To purge restraining emotions, to look for the promise of tomorrow and to reflect on days long gone. To create images that reflect the human condition.

Flight, by Sonia Suter

Flight, by Sonia Suter

More about Sonia Suter:

My love of photography has recently drawn me to conceptual work, which involves the manipulation of images to create a particular concept, mood, or idea.  I have found this new direction compelling, in part, because it taps into the child in me who loved to dress up and imagine different worlds. It also brings me the same joy as dance performance, where stories and moods are created by costumes, light,and gesture.  The images in this show explore themes of transformation, whether through discovery and searching or through forces beyond us.

Denali, September, 2015, by Dennis O’Keefe

Denali, September, 2015, by Dennis O’Keefe

More about Dennis O’Keefe

“Right Coast, Left Coast”; “This portfolio consists of landscape images from the eastern and western seaboards of the United States”

Moksha, by Jean-Pierre Ple

Moksha, by Jean-Pierre Ple

More About Jean-Pierre Ple
Moksha is an image of moonlight  reflected in the water of the harbor of Rockport, ME. Slight camera movement combined with a some chop in the water resulted in the abstract shapes. Moksha is one of the four desires described in the book, the Four Desires, by Rod Stryker. Moksha is the longing for liberation and true freedom that we all experience.

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