New Intstructor: Joe Cameron Q&A

Joe Cameron

Joe Cameron

1. Who are your photo heroes? Whose work is an inspiration and a guide or model for your ideas?
There are so many, it is difficult to choose. If I had to pick just a couple, I’d say Ralph Gibson and Masao Yamamoto among photographers. But I started out as a painter and my inspiration still comes largely from artists such as Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchell, although you wouldn’t know that looking at my photographs. What these artists all have in common is a profound sense of wonder and infinite possibility to be found within the confines of a simple rectangle, and the unmediated joy and pleasure that can come from that engagement.

2.  Does process or content dominate the starting point of your work?
Definitely content, but I would use a stronger word….necessity. The greatest work results from desire and longing.

3.  How were you motivated to move from analogue to digital?
I made the switch mostly for practical reasons. Frankly, I needed to keep up with my younger students and although I love working in the darkroom, I find most labs to be unhealthy environments. Once I started working digitally, I found the speed of digital cameras a great asset to my intuitive and spontaneous shooting process.

4. Anything that you would like to add…a short comment about the class you are offering.
I have called the class a “seminar” because I think of it more as a community of practitioners than as a traditional teacher/student environment.

A quote from E. L. Doctorow:
“You write to find out what it is you’re writing.”

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